2015 - Present


New York / Kyoto / Taipei / Taitung

I've been geeky about capturing horizontal lines in the field since I got my first DSLR (It's Canon 600D!).
This is a life-long project, and I'm planning to have a photography exhibition on this theme at the age of 50. Stay tuned!
2016 - Present


Homemade / Seminar Restaurant

My family used to run a restaurant, and they asked me to design everything (of course they did!). So I learned food photography food porn and then got interested in cooking. Natural light + amazing food with a touch-up of oil - how can you not feel hungry?
2014 - Present


 Volunteering / Pley School

I was a documentary photographer for a summer camp, thanks to my friend! While editing these photos at midnight for a tight deadline, I felt light-hearted - it must be the magic of smile :)
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