World, meet Lilian Yi-Hsuan Lin. A product designer living in New York. She helps businesses drive visions through design & research.

I feel unstoppable when discovering possibilities in user, technology, and business and bringing solutions to life.

Design Manifesto
Mar 2021

Inspire Sneakerheads with Matchy Outfits to Boost Engagement

Mobile Design, Feature Exploration

I introduced hand-picked head-to-toe outfits to the Hibbett app to build seamless mobile shopping for sneakerheads.
  • Role: Product Designer
  • Team: 1 PM, 1 Product Owner, Dev, and QA
How we DID It
7 min Read
A Flutter redesign for My Lawn
Jun - Aug 2020 (3 months)

Upgrade My Lawn with Subscription Service & Flutter Migration

Mobile Design, App Redesign

After running design sprints for 3 months, I renovated a popular lawn care app, My Lawn, and transplanted it to Flutter. It’ll be launching soon 一 stay tuned.
  • Client: Scotts Miracle-Gro
  • Role: Product Designer
  • Team: 3 PMs, 1 Product Owner, a large dev team
How we DID It
9 min Read
Oct - Nov 2020 (1.5 months)

Refresh My Garden App for Millennial Growers

Mobile App Design, App Redesign

Within a month and a half, we replanted a gardening app, My Garden, in the Flutter landscape and grow it into an E-commerce app. It will be launching soon 一stay tuned.
  • Client: Scotts Miracle-Gro
  • Role: Product Designer
  • Team: 2 PMs, 1 Product Owners, a dev team
How we DID It
7 Min Read
Oct 29, 2019 | 5 min read

My First and Last Month at DogSpot

Art Direction & Execution

Hibbett App - Splash Screen

I explored high-level visual concepts and executed a direction with various glitchy effects. I leveraged video templates to help me visualize the ideas in a quick turnaround. This project kicked off a series of visual refresh initiatives (WIP).
Character Animation

Mx. Brain

I animated the brain character and handed it off to developers using Lottie JSON files (it's the first time our team implementing Lottie animation). I set up a local testing environment in Xcode to ensure the character didn't lose any of its limbs in the files.
Javascript, WebGL | May 2019

Leaf Growth Simulation

I wrote a web-based simulation for K5+ students to explore leaf growth process.
View Git Repo
Python, Grasshopper | Jun 2018

Leaf Modeler

I studied Manual of Leaf Architecture and wrote a program to model leaves with various shapes.
Java | Dec 2017

Computational Form

I probed New Year's resolutions from users and generated forms with their inputs.
Java, Android | Mar - May 2018

Drawing App

After taking 2 semesters of Java class, I programmed an Android drawing app.

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